Hi Roberta

Your plan is very different this month as we know. You don’t ever have to fall off the fitwagon. All we need to so is adjust for whatever situation arises.

Let’s go

Your workouts

Weeks 1-2

– Bleep test walk
– Bleep test walk with ankle weights

For 20-30 mins 3-4 times a week.

It’s kind of like a speed walk, back and forth over 10-15 meters.

Week 3-4 (Or when your body becomes comfortable)

– Hand raised push ups
– Bodyweight squats
– Arm circles
– Bodyweight standing lunge

– Running on the spot
– Bodyweight floor abduction
– Hand raised mountain climbers
– Hand raised knee to elbow twist

We’ll gauge where you are by weeks 4-5 and work it from there.

Your nutrition plan

No vitamin E

We’re going to stick to a base level calorie intake and the protocol S-curve meal structure.

Again… We’ll gauge it as the weeks go on.

There’ll be a focus on high fiber and fast digesting food types.

Let me know if they advise anything else post surgery.

This plan will change if it needs to, as we ‘work’. New videos will appear above, as we ‘work’.