Summer 2018 Results Phase (Now 12 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks) = 3 x longer... For FREE!

That 3 day bonus is OVER… Back to $299 and 6-8 weeks…


Everything is of course… TOTALLY unlimited.

But here’s a little break down of what’s in the S-curve formula


– The S-curve formula in all it’s glory (Everything we know to make you succeed along the way. Like hissy fit management and weekend nutrition focus).

– Tweak your exercises/workouts LIVE. Based on the feedback you constantly send. And a response to how your body reacts to the workouts.

 End of day meal reports.

– Unlimited 121 coaching chats on any platform (FB Messenger is best though).

– Strength and exercise progression module (This usually starts after your first month).

– Access to the tweak weeks modules (You’ll use the more, when working on your own).

– The 2017 official foods list (I love this thing) + Nutrition progression. Kinda like how we do strength and exercise progression.

– Access to all of the official 15 workout routines (They were all created, based on feedback that you gave over the years).

– And any other important stuff I might have missed