Chocolate Protein Cake with Vanilla Protein Frosting



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I hope you have been enjoying the video series that we started doing this month. And in bonus video #4 of the abs video series, I talked about how you can basically it crap without affecting your fat loss goals. Now, being Christmas and all one of our buddies put together a protein cake recipe and of course the cake it self.

It started out as an experiment, but actually ended up being pretty tasty. Healthy/Not healthy… it doesn’t matter, because you can snack on it now that you know how to eat junk without it affecting you.

Here it is (We’ll keep you updated on this too, since it’s new)

Chocolate Protein Cake with Vanilla Protein Frosting

The recipe

Cake Ingredients

Blended together and baked at 180 C (356 F) for ~30 minutes on a round cake mold.

  • * 1/2 cup of greek yogurt (Total 0%)
* 3/4 cup of liquid egg whites
  • * 1/2 cup of adzuki beans (or black beans – always canned and unsalted)
* 3/4 cup of chocolate whey protein
  • * 1 tbsp of cocoa
  • * 1/8 cup of vanilla whey protein
  • * 1 small banana
* 1/4 cup of pea protein (consider using coconut flour instead)
* 1 tbsp of fitness fiber (or psyllium husks)
  • * 1/8 cup of quinoa flakes (or oats)
* 3/8 cup of nuts and seeds (optional)

Frosting Ingredients


Just blended together and add to a ziplock back with the nozzle at the end.

  • 1/2 cup of vanilla casein
  • * 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt (same as above)
* 3 tbsp of water

Nutritional Profile 

Per 1/4 of the cake and frosting.


* Calories: 207
  • * Protein: 26g
  • * Carbs: 17g (3.4g sugars)
* Fat: 3.5g (0.5g sat)
  • * Fiber: 4.5g

Christmas Fit Bug Quick tips

#1: Eat more protein
#2: Do NOT Drink Calories (Drink flavored water or other diet beverages)
#3: Drink a big glass of water before eating anything (At a party)
#4: Help the host – Bring your own food
#5: Arrive “Full” to avoid mega snack temptation
#6: There’s a pretty cool appetite suppressant you can try called 5-HTP

Ok, if you have watched that bonus video I mentioned above, you don’t purposely eat crap food. You basically eat what you like once you’ve worked out your new daily maintenance calories based on how much fat you want to lose. So here’s to more creative food goodies…

==> Eat crap for fat loss (It’s creative fitness food really :))

Shaun and Team Fit Bug


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