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Hi FitBuzzers

Happy Friday!!!

Today I want to welcome newest Fit Buzz buddy Amanda Lontentino.  

She lives in Australia but originates from Cambodia. People from 

that region of the world are truly happy and humbling people. Being 

in that region of the world is a great feeling for sure. And one thing 

that I am sure of, is that they are certainly not known for having 

genetically great butts. The opposite in fact (Amanda’s progress pic).

In short, she isn’t afraid to lift that heavy weight and bust build a 

strong butt!

More training methods to boost progress via gym workouts

Yesterday, I introduced some of the training methods that you can 

focus on to boost your progress in your workouts and in the upcoming 

program upgrades. I received several replies after that, so here are a 

few more to take with you on this first funky Friday of November.

Do one… And then a half

This is where you alternate between performing one full rep followed by 

an immediate (slowly performed) half rep. Do this for the entire set. 

The slowly moving rep is also known as ‘concentrating on the eccentric’

This is where the extra stress is added which can be the cause of

some truly epic results. 

Example: The lowering part of a bicep curl

Progressive overload (by the week)

This is targeted at those FitBuzzers who have just starting added weight

training to their routine. But it can be used by advanced FitBuzzers too

, because it’s not really realistic to go all out for EVERY workout. So 

instead of performing jack sh*t workouts on your ‘off’ days, you can 

simply implement the progessive overload method in your training.

  • Monday = Intense – Light weight – High reps/sets
  • Wednesday = Moderatly intense – Increased weight – High reps/sets
  • Friday = GO NUTS – Heavy weight – 4/6 reps per set

Of course, this is just an example and you will most likely have to adjust 

this based on your current goal (This doc can help). The main thing you 

need to focus on is the progression to training insane over the course of 

a week.


This is an old school method that I used back in athletic training, which is 

similar to the first method above, yet, it is more intense, as it is designed 

to shock your body with resistance that it won’t be used to (Remember, 

it’s all about out pacing the pace at which your body adaps to change).

Here’s what you do…

  • – 7 reps – half reps – At the lower part of the movement
  • – 7 reps – half reps – At the top of the movement
  • – 7 reps – full reps

Remember, these are methods that you can start using straight away. 

So give your body something to ‘talk’ about if you’re currently in plateau 






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