'Off The Fence' 30 Day S-curve Trial

The Epic butt/Tiny waist S-curve belfie @ long time Fitbuzzer Heather @ April 2016

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June Bonus is on!

***Simply choose any 3 features/benefits from the gold program from More buzz > Lifestyle + Results***

Welcome to the
‘Off the fence’ 30 day S-curve trial

Ā (Buzzee’s… New video up on Saturday. OKzee!)

Challenge butt Friday exercises

Triceps – Feet raised tricep push ups

Biceps – Super rep 21’s rep range x 2

Side/Middle butt – Super rep single ‘squat’ (10 reps max per set) – Forget what I ‘say’ in the vid… Had a brain fart moment šŸ˜

Abs – High tension 2 x ankle weight hanging half leg raises (Good ‘ouch’)

Off the fence, because you are not allowed to be on the fence any more… Your a** deserves to be lived S-curvishly!!!

It’ll be limited to a certain number of members of course… To ensure that every member gets a super S-curvish experience. There’s also a new video up, (^^up there^^) (Includes the Challenge butt Friday exercises).

But first, you need answer these questions <Ā (Reply via newsletter email)

Let me tell you why this is happening … (Current members… Ignore!)

We’ve been S-curving for some years now. And the main thing I notice with some new or inexperienced FitBuzzers, is not knowing what to do.

They’re not sure how to ‘start’.

Yes… They can see how others have started and succeeded, looking through the hall of fame.

So that’s reassuring.

But deep down… It’s really about what can be done for YOU (And maybe for a close friend or two).

But it’s all about know exactly what to do to ‘start’.

– A plan of action
– Staying accountable

All of that needs to be in place if you’re that kinda ‘on the fence’ member. If not… You’ll fail.

When they do actually start…

At this point, they look through their tailored S-curve member page. Then, within 30 minutes, they are ‘game on’.

The vision is set and they know exactly what the next 3-6 months will look like.

So if you KNOW you’re that kinda member… TODAY, I want to give you that kick start.

Because those hall of fame members lives would have remained exactly the same if they didn’t get that ‘kick’.

And they certainly wouldn’t have ended up in the hall of fame, which I know is motivation for many FitBuzzers.

The hall of fame <


‘Off The Fence’ 30 Day S-curveĀ Trial 2016

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