Noelle September Plan 2015

Hi Noelle

September… Let’s go…


Your workouts

We’re going to stick to the current regime. However, we’re going to focus on repeating the later workouts of the regime, as well as the newer ones that are coming this month, as they focus more on ‘specific’ body parts.

Your tailored daily exercises

Yup… You guessed it @ ‘specific’. Which basically means getting a little more targeted at wacking individual body parts.

– Triceps 21’s
– Biceps 21’s
– Woodchoppers
– Single leg feet raised quadruped hip extension
– Super rep bicycles with ankle weights


Eating S-curvishly specific

> Venus meals (New ones are coming)
> Page 10 of your tailored nutrition plan doc

Noelle tailored nutrition plan

> Zero saturated fats in your evenings

Just make sure this gets done everyday.

More updates are coming to this plan as the month goes on.