Noelle October Plan 2015

Hi Noelle

It’s time to Buttctober for ROctober…

The main thing that we’re going to focus on this month, is just the ‘change’.

A change to a totally new workout regime will make your body ‘wake up’.


Let’s go…

Your workouts

This is a weights focused workout. So you’ll need to focus on going heavy.

Effective Epic Butt & Teeny Tiny Waist Split Routines

The simple rule to follow is this…

– If you can do 12 reps more… Lower the weight.

– If you struggle to do 8 reps… Increase the weight until you can do 10-11 reps.

That’s the right weight.

Your tailored daily exercises

Once again… It’s time to switch these up…

– Standing elbow to knee twist (Abs)
– High tension lunge (Quads)
– The super rep clam (Butt)

Video above.


Your nutrition plan

Jump onto FB messenger so that we can talk about how you’ve been doing with this.