Noelle November 2015 Plan


Hi Noelle

The focus this month?

Strictly butt!

The highlight this month?

Your tailored daily exercises!


They’re tough butt effective. And you have to do all four of them everyday.

Your official workouts

We’re heading back to complete Venus program for this month

#1 Because you haven’t gone through the complete version of this regime

#2 There are new workouts added

But you’re going to have to focus on going a little heavier than you’re used to.

We’ll end the year with a bang and focus on the strength progression guide.

Your nutrition plan

We’re going to head over to your tailored nutrition plan and increase your total

daily calorie intake.

Just keep an eye on the protein/carb/fat grams from pages 1-10…

That’s what we’re going to increase.

You already know how to serve meal sizes based on food label grams.

So no problemo there. If there is… You shout at me so we can walk through

it again, since I know you’re in holiday fun mode right now :D.

We’re also going to focus on the Venus super lower in fat meals.

You don’t have to stick to those meals. But you do have to stick to the food

type rules, which will have you eating 40 grams of fat a day max.

This is how we’ll improve your butt.

However, I know what your life is right now. So just do things day by day.

You don’t need to be ‘too’ serious. OK!

I’ll see you over on FB messenger Noelly.