A body part that I know a good number of you love to perfect are the glutes ‘buns’. In fact, not just your buns, your lower body in general. And if you are all legs just like myself (6’2”), then fixing your lower body is a must. Doing so will have a great impact on your appearence. That being said, I decided to create a mini report series for that too. Yes, Fit buzz has a program called No Nonsense Butt Building (UPDATE – Click here to view recent progress pic submissions) , which will fix your butt, whether that’s to tone or grow it.

However, the workouts in these reports are more specialized and a little bit more DONE-FOR-YOU. The specialized part is something that I talked about in the No Nonsense Butt Building program, because the case for many of you is that you already workout, you already have ‘some’ results, but then the progress stops and that’s where specialization comes in. So here’s the plan:


To specialize in:


1. How to get a firm butt (You’re possibly a mesomorph body type who wants to tone down your thunder thighs. Or you could be a skinny fat individual who is light on the scale, high in body fat percentage and you simply want to shred up and not bulk up)

2. How to grow your butt (Maybe you’re new to fitness and want to know if glute growth is possible. Well… it is! :))

3. How to focus on your quads (You could be a guy who hates the fact that your lady has bigger quads than you and you simply want a fix)


Week 1

Beginner to advanced – 8-12 weeks

  • 40 workouts to get a firm butt (Structured Cardio, Strength training and DONE-FOR-YOU – Which means do exactly what you read)
  • 40 workouts to grow your butt (The same again but with a heavy focus on glute growth)
  • 40 workouts with a focus on quad growth (The same again but with a heavy focus on quad growth)


Week 2

  • DONE-FOR-YOU Meal plans for each

All of which will set you up nicely for the next 2-3 months which ever your goal is of the three. If you already use No Nonsense Butt Building, then these are workouts that you can archive an implement after (Or even during) the initial 3-4 months. If you haven’t used it yet, then this mini report series can act as an intro to the main program. And in mini report fashion, you’ll receive free lower body workout updates and meal plans once or twice a month for the forseeable future. AS LONG AS YOU ARE A PART OF THIS MINI REPORT SERIES, YOU WILL ALWAYS RECEIVE UPDATES FOR EXCLUSIVE lower body workouts for each of the 3 goals. As it’s exclusive I’ve decided to price the entire series at just 18 bucks (1 cent less actually).


 Build your quads using the same techniques as Fit Buzz interviewee Alice Matos


Improve the size of your glutes using the same techniques as Fit Buzz Interviewee Valeria Orsini


Why continuous updates?

Because I KNOW that different sets of people will achieve different results due to many varying factors such as age, gender, experience, lifestyle ‘access’ to certain foods and other things, and I think I can help more of you ‘specifically’ this way too, because of those said variables. So yes, it’s definitely a journey (marathon) and not a sprint.

A journey that’ll we’ll be experiencing together with your continuous feedback. I know you don’t like receiving too much email, so I will only send a new report out every once or twice a month.

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For those new to Stay-Fit Buzz:


So who am I & what gives me the right to show you how to build yourself a better butt?

Here’s a brief introduction:

My name is Shaun Sinclair:

I’m a former pro- (track) athlete and I’ve been a full-time fitness author for the past couple of years as well as a devoted gym member for 14+ years.

I also run a fitness website that gets 1+ million visitors per year, called Stay-Fit Buzz. It teaches men and women how to get lean, strong and sexy with a focus on fitness fun.

I simply got the ball rolling with one blog and has since grown into a following of 10,000+ dedicated fitness individuals.

In 2011 I started a popular Facebook fan page and launched member requested programs such as ”Budget foods for Abs”, ”Stay-Fit Buzz Pull ups program” and of course ”No Nonsense Butt Building”. Which, combined, will truly aid in the goal of building the lean, strong and sexy physique that you can actually ‘keep’.