Navah Tailored S-curve Plan October 2015

Hi Navah

The goal…

To put you on the most effective one month plan to push for the best possible results.

Your workouts

Your lower body workouts

Your upper body workouts

The first is a completely lower split workout regime. It’s the program that gets the most reports of results obtained. Also known as high frequency training… Which is how most women need to train, for the result.

The second are upper body split workouts.

Your week can look like this…

One week

Mon – Lower
Tues – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Weds – Upper
Thurs – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Fri – Lower

The following week

Mon – Upper
Tues – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Weds – Lower
Thurs – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Fri – Upper


(It’s ok to repeat the upper body workouts… More may be added).

Follow the rules on the Aphrodite Butt Building page (Lower body workouts above)


Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you’ll do everyday wether you workout or not.

The video above explains all.

These will change every month, should you continue on the long term monthly plan.


It can be skipped on this months plan.

We’ll get into what we’d usually do on next months plan.

Your nutrition plan

We always keep this simple for the first month.

The S-curve meal structure via the meals below….

Your simple meals (For variety)

Just focus on getting the meals in, at the times listed.

The following month?

– Your tailored nutrition plan
– Meal variety focus
– Additional on-going tweaks to boost results

I’ll see you over on FB messenger to coach you along.

Alternative exercises