Month #2

Your month #2 plan

Your workouts

You’ll be doing the Aphrodite Butt Building workouts for your lower body workouts and the upper body workouts from the Venus program.

You’ll also increase your workout numbers to 4 a week on some weeks.

I explain why in the video above.

The new strength progression guide

Check your homepage tab above for the official guide.

However, YOU… are going to do the following for the foreseeable future.

> Write down the weight you lift for each of the main exercises.

> Send them to me and I’ll note them on your month #2 tab.

> Do the same thing this time next month (The weight should be increased by this time).

Your nutrition plan

Getting ‘simple’ precise

Count your grams when you eat your meals for one week. Use the example on page 10 of your tailored nutrition doc.

It’s ok for the amounts to be a slight guesstimate and not totally exact.


Your mornings carbs are 75 grams.

If eating oats (See page 4), that would be approx 1/10 of a 1000 gram (1kg) pack. So just serve a ‘guess’ amount of what 1/10 is based on what you see (Empty the entire pack into a see through jar).

The key point here… Is that you should…

> Eat more if you still feel hungry
> Eat less if you feel too full

This is better/practica for the long term and a non-robotic way to gauge what the right amount is for YOU at any given time… Instead of
weighing foods/counting grams/calories eternally.

Your new daily exercises

Watch the video above for a demonstration and tips.

– Squat > calf raise

– Face pull > pull apart

– High tension quadruped/lunge

– Super rep laying tricep extensions