Monique 'Long term' Tailored S-curve Plan

Hi Monique

Welcome to the official S-curve Challenge.


Your goal

Is what we call… ‘Becoming S-curvish’.

That is…

– Growing your butt
– Keeping your waist small
– Overall ‘bigger’, butt still ‘soft’

Fortunately, your current body type is ideal to build on for fast results, as you may have seen via the hall of fame.

The following is a ‘tentative’ 6 month plan (Meaning it can change).

We’ll work closely via 121coaching for 1-2 months.

The plan can then be used as your guideline over time.


Let’s go…

Month #1

Your workouts

It’s all about choosing a regime that will give you a great boost for results.

Your lower body workouts

Your upper body workouts


Do this…

One week

Mon – Lower
Tues – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Weds – Upper
Thurs – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Fri – Lower

The following week

Mon – Upper
Tues – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Weds – Lower
Thurs – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Fri – Upper


Repeat (It’s ok to repeat the upper body workouts… More may be added).

Follow the rules on the Aphrodite Butt Building page (Lower body workouts above)



This is optional. The following is a simple HIIT cardio plan (Sprinting, cycling, boxing, swimming).

Your HIIT plan #1


It’s in your favor to do less cardio at this current time.

Your nutrition plan

The S-curve simple meals…

Your simple meals (For variety)

That’s all you need to follow for the first month. It doesn’t matter which meal you choose, because each meal contains the right nutrients for the time of day.

There are 10-15 meal plans because ‘meal variety’ is what will boost your results (A lot).

So yes… Vary your food types when shopping every few weeks.

Months 2-6

Recommended workout regimes to switch to every month…

The Venus Workouts

Effective Epic Butt & Teeny Tiny Waist Split Routines

No Nonsense Butt Building (Ebook)

The guide to long term strength progression

Your tailored nutrition plan <

Don’t read this until around October 15th – 21st!