S-Curve Member Michelle Tailored Video Series

Hi Michelle

Your base nutrition plan for month #1

As stated in the video above… Uoulll only need to focus on ‘eating’ the meals/foods as listed on your nutrition plan.

We’ll get into the precise stuff once you’re rocking and rolling.

YOUR foods (Based on your ‘answers’ food list) S-curve meal structured


– Oatmeal
– Yoghurt
– Whole eggs (Sometimes… Other times, just egg whites. This is because we need to keep your fat intake low)


– Freah leafy greens
– Tuna
– Salmon
– Whole eggs (The same rules as above)


– Water
– Fresh leafy greens


– Chicken
– Lean meat
– Broccoli
– Chick peas

Cheat foods

McDonald’s on a Sunday (You need to have these moments). Although cheat ‘snacks’ are better, instead of a whole meal.

Venus workouts

These are targeted/effective split workouts

Mon > Weds > Fri

Always works well. Just follow the rules on the Venus workout page.

Daily tailored exercises

> Abduction
> Super rep squat
> Bicycle holds
>> Tricep extensions

Watch the video to see how to do these exercises. Remember, you only need to do one exercise daily. Even if you workout on the day.