Meal plans and workouts to build abs and stay lean  (The Official Program Version 1.5)

**Update alert**

What’s New?

  • + A simple way to work out how much ingredients you need based on the simple calorie calculation chart
  • + How to workout the ideal split of proteins, fat and carbs for each meal
  • + How to not screw up your pre, during and post workout nutrition
  • + More ‘quick’ meals if you’re short on time
  • + More smoothies
  • + More ‘structured’ meals
  • + More and more updates to come 

I know that many of you would have…

  • Read the lifestyle diet ebook
  • Used a program
  • Watched a video
  • Read articles
  • Followed advice from the facebook fan page
  • Or some other thing from stayfitbuzz

I know this because every other day I receive messages from followers who are now making themselves known after months of following. So their lives have been positively impacted in some way. Hopefully, you’re one of those individuals too. And now I feel like name dropping some of those individuals again.

  • Kerry Mckjunkin,
  • Marii Chacon,
  • Audra Benoit
  • Drew Dawson
  • And others

That’s the goal at Stayfitbuzz. To help men and women get strong, lean and sexy. And to ‘stay’ strong, lean and sexy. Because too many people drop out of fitness and fade into non existence. It even happened to me from 2007-2010. How I managed to climb out of that slump is the result of what you know of Stay-Fit Buzz to date. Just insane motivation, inspiration and progression.

Now, even though you may have learned a thing or two from any of those things listed above, I decided to create a mini report series which will consist of just two things for each episode:

– 10-15 meal plans to stay lean (And build abs)

– 5-10 new workouts to stay lean and strong

I plan on sending these out once every 2-3 weeks with the first report consisting of 10 workouts and 10 meal plans. As it’s exclusive I’ve decided to price the entire series at just 40 bucks (1 cent less actually) and AS LONG AS YOU ARE A PART OF THIS MEAL PLAN SERIES, YOU WILL ALWAYS RECEIVE UPDATES FOR EXCLUSIVE MEAL PLANS AND WORKOUTS TO BUILD ABS AND STAY LEAN.

Each update will be different in nature, but collectively, they will assist you on your journey to stay lean and strong for months and years to come. You can get started below.


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