May 2015 tailored S-curve plan

Your May 2015 tailored S-curve plan

Hi Liza

First… Take a new day one selfie. You MUST do this at the start of every month.

Your workouts

Your life is currently ‘busy’. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall off the fitwagon.

It certainly doesn’t mean that you won’t continue to get results. You WILL!

With that being the case, your workouts for the month will be focused on tailored daily exercises.


Your workouts for the month

Legs, butt, back and abs… You’ll do 3-4 exercises during the free time that you do have on any given day. There’s an exercise for each of those body parts.

Total body fat loss (Your HIIT for the month)

– Push up > burpee > jump/pull up


– Hardest bicycles x 2 variations
– Leg raises + Ankle weights

(Either one these)


– Clam
– Abduction

(Either one these)


– Single leg squat (Super rep)
– High tension standing lunge

(Either one these)

Watch the video above for a demonstration of all exercises listed.

How much weight to lift?

You’re lifting a heavy enough weight as long as you’re failing at the last few reps.


Your nutrition plan

The following is what you’ll need to do if you workout in the morning.

– Eat a half carb tapered S-curve dinner. That simply means to eat half of the amount of heavy carbs you eat (Rice, potatoes, pasta).

– Eat fish/fish oil & casein/lean meat before bed.

– Before breakfast… Whey protein/low fat yoghurt and fruit before you workout (Fast digesting).

– Then eat a full S-curve breakfast after you workout (The first breakfast meal that you see on each of the meal plans).

This change in your nutrition plan structure is also explained on the last pages of your tailored nutrition plan.

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