May 2015 tailored plan

Your May 2015 plan

Your workouts

The official S-curve routine

This regime is similar to the Venus program. Yet, the workouts are shorter and more intense.

You’ll need to lift heavy on these workouts. Which of course means, failing at the last few reps of every exercise.

There’s 12 workouts in total. You’re going to repeat one workout a week, to make it 16 workouts for the month.

The following workout schedule for the above…



Tailored daily exercises (To do in the morning or before bed)

Butt (May 1-10)

– The super rep clam
– Hyper extended hip extension

Abs (May 11- May 21st)

– Bicycles

+ Leg lowered on each rep
+ 3 second hold at each 5th rep
+ Till failure
+ 2 sets

– Floor knee raises with ankle weights (Till failure)

Lats/wings (May 21- May 31st) (Top of your S-curve – This makes your waist look smaller/butt look bigger)

– All rows (1 set)
– Front raises

The structure above will push each body part further, due to increased ‘continuous’ frequency.



The goal this month is to increase your total calorie intake.

This means eating all meals without fail.

You can eat what you want, as long as you’re following the S-curve meal structure.

Your simple meals (For variety)

You don’t need to count grams or calories.

The workouts will gauge how much more food you’ll be able to eat.

Again… You’re always on the right track as long as you’re following the S-curve meal structure above.


Carb tapered dinners (Less rice, potatoes, pasta)

This is required, so that you stay lean. Because you WILL lose your leanness due to an increased total calorie intake.

Other notes

– Eat your bedtime/breakfast meals without fail (Seriously… Don’t skip any)

– We’ll limit squat activity if your waist starts to get too bulky (It shouldn’t. But just incase).