May 2015 Tailored Plan

May 2015 Tailored Plan

Hi Lisa

This month, it’s mostly your workouts that will change.


Well, they need to change every 4-6 weeks to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

So your regime and tailored daily exercises are quite different from what you did in April.

Epic butt/tiny waist workouts

Tailored daily exercises

Butt (May 1-10)

– The super rep clam
– Hyper extension

Abs (May 11- May 21st)

– Bicycles

+ Leg lowered on each rep
+ 3 second hold at each 5th rep
+ Till failure
+ 2 sets

– Lats/wings (Top of your S-curve – This makes your waist look smaller/butt look bigger)

– All rows (1 set)
– Front raises

The structure above will push each body part further, due to increased ‘continuous’ frequency.

Your nutrition plan

This is mostly a repeat of what you did last month.

The main thing that’s going to change, is that I’m going to be following up with you every 3-4 days via FB messenger.