Mattaniah September 2015 Plan


Hi Mattaniah

I hope you enjoyed your holiday… And most importantly, recharged your batteries.

Fall season is here, it’s a new month, so let’s go!

Your workouts

It’s time to finally put you on the Aphrodite Butt Building program.

Aphrodite Butt Building

This is high frequency training at it’s best. Aka how most women need to train to experience results like the men do.

All is explained on the page. The difference here is that…

– You won’t be repeating workouts
– You’ll be focusing in HIIT twice a week

Your HIIT plan #1

Go for a moderate weight (Nearly failing at the last few reps) on the lifts, unless stated otherwise in each video.

Your tailored daily exercises

– Single leg feet raised quadruped hip extension (butt
– Super rep knee raises (abs)
– One armed kettlebell swings (Total body fat loss)

Watch the video above for a demonstration/explanation.

Your nutrition plan

– Venus program meals (Super low in fat)

Day 1 (Click to download)

Day 2 (Click to download)

Day 3 (Click to download)

 Day 4 (Click to download)

Day 5 (Click to download)

– Base level intake
– Carb and calorie tapering
– We stick to page 10 of your tailored nutrition plan for as long as it takes for it to become a natural habit

Your tailored nutrition plan <

The selfie… Take one… September = GO! I’ll see you over on Viber.