Mattaniah June 2015 Plan

Hi Mattaniah

Your workouts

I’ve decided to put you on the Venus workout plan for this month, based on the answers to your questions.

The Venus Workouts


Your tailored daily exercises

These exist to…

1) Increase the speed of your results
2) Keep you on the fitwagon when life gets in the way.

These are exercises that you’ll do everyday, even on your mandatory workout days.

These are the exercises that I’ve chosen for you this month. You’re an intermediate trainee. So two exercises a day. Either late night or early morning.

– Push up > Burpee > Jump/Pull up

– Bicycles

– The clam

Your nutrition plan

We’re going to carb taper your dinner meals, since you workout at 9.00pm.

This will help prevent an unwanted build up of fat during your sleep hours.

The S-curve meal structure

Don’t focus on calories or grams (Yet).

Just focus on..

1) Meal variety (Important)
2) The S-curve meal structure

Your simple meals (For variety)



Once or twice a week. Anything that allows you to HIIT.

Boxing, swimming, sprinting, badminton and cycling all work well for HIIT.

If so, you’ll need to follow the HIIT plan below.

Your HIIT plan #1

I’ll be coaching you along via email. But do let me know if you’re using any mobile messenger apps.