Mattaniah July 2015 Plan

Hi Mattaniah

It’s all about the fat loss focus for you right now. Fortunately, you’re quite strong in regards to the epic butt/tiny waist ‘shape’.

However… We must not lose that (Slow-go cardio may cause it, as well as some other factors).


Your workouts

The Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight Circuit


These are circuit routines that you do until failure.

You’ll usually get through 3-4 rounds of these.

Each workout is structured to make you last longer in each one.

Each workout (Video) is designed to target your butt/back/abs in varying ways.

This routine is very different from the others, as the focus is to repeat these workouts.

There’ll be 20+ workouts by the end of it.

You’ll do 3-4 workouts a week.

Equipment needed?

Bands, bells, bars and ankle weights (Light/Moderate @ weight to lift/add).

Tailored daily exercises? (Video above)

All are fat loss exercises for this month.

– Push up > burpee > pull up
– Push up position mountain climbers
– Push up position knee to elbow
– Knee to elbow, running on the spot

Choose 2-3 exercises a day to be done early in the morning or late at night. Do 1 or 2 sets to failure for each.


Once a week only for this month.

Your nutrition plan

You’ll be calorie tapering in addition to carb tapering. This means that breakfast is your largest meal of he day… Gradually decreasing your intake throughout the day until your dinner meal is your smallest meal of the day.

This helps to reduce an unwanted build up of fat.

Working out in the evening?

Eat half of the amount of rice, pasta, potatoes that you’d usually eat. Because you still need heavy carbs post workout.

Fat loss meals?

Take a look through last months Venus meals. It’s all about super low in day meals (5-10 grams of fat per meal).

Feel free to ask me about this via our coaching session chats.

I’ll see you there.