Mattaniah Fall Season 2015 Plan

Hi Mattaniah

So… The long term plan is still the same.

However… The following will help you along if October/November is a non-tailored plan period.

Let’s go…


Your workouts

It’s all about keeping your body ‘guessing’. To out pace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

The ABB program last month, kick started the ‘becoming S-curvish’ phase.

The following routine is a continuation of that.

Effective Epic Butt & Teeny Tiny Waist Split Routines

A few More workouts will be added for you, if you run out of workouts to do, if you just ‘stay active’ with no new tailored plans (Based on what you said).


Your tailored daily exercises

Video up by Monday night

Once again… These have changed. Just watch the video.

– 45 degree hyper extended abductions (Upper butt focus)

– Mountain climbers (5 seconds) > Knee twist combo (Ab focus)

– Front raise > Laterals combo

Your nutrition plan

We’re going to keep it simple. The focus is more on the workouts for this month.

– S-curve meal structure to get hit daily.

– Keep your total daily intake a little higher than usual.

We will walk through your new tailored nutrition plan to make sure you’re always active on that.

I’ll see you over on Viber.