Mattaniah August 2015 Plan

Hi Mattaniah



You’ll need to take a new selfie for the month. It’s the best way to gauge progress.


Your workouts

We’ll be focusing on the 2nd round of the bodyweight circuit for August.

The 2nd round of workouts are a little different than the first round.

#1 To outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

#2 To start targeting more body parts

Your tailored daily exercises

These will now target your abs/butt/back exclusively, since the focus is drifting away from that on this second round/month.

– Super rep bicycles with ankle weights
– Resistance band rows/laterals
– 45 degree standing abductions/normal band or cable addictions

All will be easy to keep up with once you go on holiday soon.


Your nutrition plan

This will stay the same for now. The main thing right now is to focus on varying your food types. So dig through the simple meal plans doc for a ‘variety’ reminder.

We can start going through your tailored nutrition plan at this stage.

Just let me know if you’re ready to…

– Start portioning your meals via food label carbs/protein/fat = Measuring the amount you eat.

– For 7-10 days.

Doing so really can make a difference.

Your tailored nutrition plan <

I’ll see you back over on Viber…