Mariela February 2016 Plan

Hi Mariela

Welcome to the first month of your program.


The goal right now?

To shred fat around your lower stomach/back.

That’s the big focus until we become happy with the shred results.

We will be focusing on shredding in a way that does not make your body re-gain that fat.

Structured nutrition and weight training workouts is how we’ll get there.

That also prepares your body for the future months, where we’ll shape and grow your body (We’ll know what that entails closer to the time).


Your workouts for this month

There are several video training regimes on the S-curve Challenge as a whole. Each of them are designed to hit a certain goal for the said body type.

The following is a bodyweight circuit routine that targets your abs, back and butt.

The Epic butt/Tiny waist Bodyweight Circuit


It’s the best routine for you to be on right now.

But we will also change things if we need to. So make sure you tell me if anything is wrong. ANYTHING!


Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you’ll do everyday, wether you workout or not.

These are exercises that I have chosen for you, based on the areas that you want to target. Your lower back and stomach.

Watch the video above for a demonstration and explanation.

It’s usually best to do them as you wake up or before you go to bed.

– Bicycles variations
– Push up > Burpee > Pull up
– Knee to elbow twist


Your off days

The workout regime you’re on for this month also acts as your HIIT cardio for this month.

You can also use these days for your other activities such as TRX. We’ll get into the specifics once you start this regime.


Your nutrition plan

We will continue to work on tailoring this as the weeks pass. Everything will be updated on this page.

But the following doc are several S-curve meal structure variations that’ll give you some idea on what foods you can buy to vary your food types.

Your simple meals (For variety)

This is the initial plan and some things are most likely to change.

But everything you see here WILL help us get the results we want in the best way possible.

I’ll see you on Skype.


Inner thighs update

Hi Mariela

The following exercises target your inner thighs.

The best thing to do is to…

#1 Add one exercise to every workout you do

#2 Add one exercise to your tailored daily exercises

– Adduction (2 x 15 reps each leg)
– Clam position side leg lifts (2 x 10 reps each leg)
– Super rep side lunge (2 x 10 reps each leg – Moderate weight)
– Super rep wide stance squat (3 x 7 reps – Moderate weight)