Liza June 2015 plan

Hi Liza

Your workouts

This is your re-activation month. For this month, I’m putting you on the Epic butt/Tiny waist regime.

Effective Epic Butt & Teeny Tiny Waist Split Routines

The same tailored daily exercises

Your goal is still the same as you’ve not been too active. So we’ll stick to these exercises for this month.

However, you’ll do 2 or 3 exercises everyday instead of 1 exercise.

Total body fat loss 

– Push up > burpee > jump/pull up


– Hardest bicycles x 2 variations
– Leg raises + Ankle weights
(Either one these)


– Clam
– Abduction
(Either one these)


– Single leg squat (Super rep)
– High tension standing lunge

Nutrition plan

Just stick to the S-curve meal structure for this month

Your simple meals (For variety)


It’s all about keeping you super active and on the fitwagon right now. So this months plan will be continuously updated.

This means..

– More coaching videos
– More tweaks
– More check ups