OSC Member Livia Tailored Video Series

Hi Livia

Your tailored nutrition plan <

The goal… To simply get you off to a flying start and ‘into the groove’.

1) Venus workouts <

This is a good regime to start on, based on your stats/goals. Just focus on going heavy with the weights (In short… Failing at the last few reps = A heavy weight) and executing the exercises properly.

2) Don’t worry about the calorie intake too much for this first month…. Just make sure you’re never too full or too hungry after eating your main meals I’ll be coaching you along via Skype, so I’ll see you there. We’ll know what to do for month #2 by the end of month #1.

Your plan based on your ‘bible’ email reply…

Your daily meal plan (Based on the foods you have access to in your home)


– Egg ‘whites’ (Whole eggs every other day)

– Mozzarella cheese (But convince everyone to go for a lower fat cheese… If you can)

– All of the fruits listed

– White bread (Try to change it to brown bread if you can… Toast it to keep it tasty)

– Unsweetened peanut butter

– Acai

– Granola

– Oats

– Coffee (But limit it… Drink in moderation)

– Mineral water (Drink plenty of water daily. It also helps for a speedy digestion of food)

– Only drink low fat milk


– Chicken breast

– Whole eggs

– Rice (You may be getting bloated from either eating too much or eating too quickly)

– Sweet potatoes

– Beans

– Beets, carrots, lettuce


– Chicken breast

– Rice (You may be getting bloated from either eating too much or eating too quickly)

– Sweet potatoes

– Beans

– Beets, carrots, lettuce

Before bed

– Chicken breast left overs from dinner, (Or any other lean protein food, such as fish, turkey or lean meat) but only a small amount.

– Cottage cheese (There are better cheeses you could eat, that are lower in fat. But you eat it because it’s light and slow digesting. This will help protect your results)

Cheat snacks

A cheat snack is just that… You eat it at the same time, or after eating your main meal(s). Just never eat these before you go to sleep (At least 3-4 hours before).

– Salted crackers

– Chocolate

– Filled wafers

– Cookies

– Muffins

– Soda (But in moderation)

– Nutella

Keep on taking the daily supplements

Add whey protein to a shake and sip on it at every meal throughout the day… Or add whey to your meals. Such as oats. If you eat hot oats, you could always just use water instead of milk and then add whey to it, instead if using sugar.

Whey is a complete protein. This means it’s ideal to have in your body throughout the day to grow and protect your gains.

Whey… Because it’s one of the easiest foods to do it with.


Going heavy (As described above), for the most part, will trigger your desired results.

Venus is still the best program for you right now.

In addition to that… You’ll do this… (To push for your current goal)

Do one of these everyday whether you workout or not… on the day.


– Bicycle + hold + stretch + ankle weights

– Mountain climbers with ankle weights

– Running on the spot till failure with ankle weights

All body

– Single arm ski swings


– Clam

– Quadruped

Your first tailored video will be up here within 48 hours, which will explain everything that I’ve talked about on this page.

Squats & Lunges

Start light and increase the weight over time. That’s the simple solution.


Quick fix January

– Cut all squat exercises for now

– Don’t sleep on heavy carbs. That means, no rice, pasta, oats, potatoes 3-4 hours before you sleep. You must stay consistent with this.

– Also, focus strictly on the Venus program meals. These are super low in fat

– Upper body exercises… Focus on light weights and more reps. Example = 3 x 20 reps of tricep extensions