LIVE 'In-person' S-curve member updates


Day 1 (7th August)

photo 1photo 2

Day 2 (8th August)

Day 3 (9th August)

Day 4 (10th August)

Day 5 (11th August)

– It’s OK to mix things up by doing more ‘chilled’ home workout sessions like the one below.

The one thing you don’t want is to get bored. That’s how you’ll fall off the fitwagon. So variation it is… With workouts, nutrition and activities.

– Your routine should be varied in some kind of way. This will prevent you from getting bored during an intense results phase. We’ve been doing this all week, as you may have noticed.

– You only have to be ‘strict’ for approx 6 weeks. Because the goal is ‘noticeable results’. This is where we learn what works best for you. After that, we’ll start to do all of this stuff around your daily activities. That… Is ‘lifestyle’.

Day 6 (12th August)

Day 7 (13th August)


Day 8 (14th August)

Week one overview

– Friends have told her she’s shredded (The first time ever… She says they are usually brutally honest. So they’re not saying it to be ‘nice’). In general though… Don’t be surprised to see noticeable results within 14 days. It all depends on how much excess fat you have and where.

– I’ve personally noticed a slight shred around the back and top of her abs (Abs usually always shred from the top down. So that’s happening).

– She is hungry!!

I’ve told her that the really noticeable physical changes ARE actually happening. Because they are. It’s just that the excess fat is hiding the changes.

If you are getting hungry… Please eat! Because we you need to feed the changes that are happening and you need food for recovery fuel.


Day 9 (15th August)


Day 10 (15th August)


Day 11 (16th August)


Day 12 (17th August)


Day 12 – 14

This was of course our abs and nutrition focused days. You too will have periods like this on YOUR 6 week results phase.

What happened?

#1 She ‘ate’ the shopping trip.

It was all S-curve meal structure nutrition coaching. And it payed off… Taking time off from the intense workouts.

Right now, we can see a shred coming on her upper abs/obliques. The challenge is getting the mid and lower belly to shred. I predicted this is what would happen. So the challenge continues.

Day 15



#1 Fat intake. The base level to keep unwanted fat away is 40 grams a day. There’s no way you’ll go over that if you follow your S-curve meal structure that’s set for you.

#2 Food… If something boosts the taste, over the long term… Add it to your meals. Don’t stress over that. Because you won’t stick to eating tasteless food.

#3 Breakfast… I’ve been testing this out with our in person S-curve member for a week now. And it’s official… You will not get hungry between meals if you follow the S-curve meal structure breakfast. There are many ways to vary it.

But if you have been getting hungry in-between meals. That will stop. And you too will get a big shock on your face once you experience how full you are after eating the S-curve meal structure breakfast.

#4 Did you watch today’s video? If so? You’ll see that today’s workout didn’t go as planned. I explained why. But the same thing will happen on your 6 week results phase too.

Your workout videos are recorded as and when we need them. So we can make very quick changes.

And if you do any LIVE Skype call video workouts, where you start a call and let me watch you workout… Then, we can make changes instantly during the call as I coach you along.

As you can see. Everything is LIVE now. This 6 week S-curve member results phase is going to be the official ‘results’ program.

The details will become clearer as we head into September/October.

But right now is a great time to start YOUR 6 weeks results phase, since we are testing ALL features at no extra cost.

Day 16 (22nd August)


The pain has returned

We had some more surprises on this day. In short, she had a lot of post workout pain in her upper body the next day.

So my plan to put her through a similar full body workout fell flat.

Instead, we had to focus on lower body splits and abs today. The plan was to do another full body routine. Like yesterday…

One arm ski swings 
Bent over exercise ball 
Bench press > incline 
Side lunges > Super rep 
Clam > ab diction 

But this upper body pain wouldn’t allow for that.

Like I said, this is all live. So we won’t always know what’s next, for sure.

Doing a live ‘results phase’ like this will ensure that there is no room for error.

We get to ‘guarantee’ every step of the way.

So instead of a full body workout. We did these exercises.

Leg curls
Calf raises
Rotary hold
High tension lunges
Abduction > leg kick
Hyper extended hip extension

HIIT cycling
Ab exercises

The order in which we did them depended on how she felt with each exercise during the workout.

You see… With these live routines, we don’t have wait a month for the feedback. The feedback is instant. Which ultimately means…

> Your results come faster
> You won’t get injured
> You’ll stay motivated (And because of the planned surprises, like what you’ve been seeing here… Live)


Also… One of the things this member did notice, is that she didn’t feel comfortable eating the same S-curve breakfast daily (Even after giving it a solid approval after trying it for the first time).

And she shouldn’t. That is why you are encouraged to vary your food types at each meal.

Not just to kill bordem. But to ensure that you’re fuelling your body with the necessary nutrients. A varied amount of nutrients that you won’t get from eating one set of foods.

This of course gets done for you on your 6 weeks results phase.

Varying your meals for the long term is a habit building process. So expect us to work on this specifically during certain periods on your plan.

One other important thing

This member is of course shredding to an S-curve (Shredding to smexy).

The unethical and very easy way to do this would be to workout (a lot) and eat nothing.

If she did that, she would indeed shrink.

That’s what people ‘think’ needs to happen. But it’s totally backwards and extremely ineffective. Especially if you do that for any long period of time (More than 4 weeks).


Well… Doing the above causes your body to lose total weight.

If you lose total weight, it also means you lose muscle/lean muscle mass.

Lean muscle helps you keep fat away.

If you shrink your body to nothing, with no lean muscle. Then you will indeed start to gain fat when you start eating again.

Because you have to start eating again eventually. If you don’t, you’ll get sick or die (It happened to every single friend of this member who tried that). Usually a trip to the hospital at some point.

And the worst thing about even trying to attempt this unethical fast shred, is that you’ll make it more difficult to achieve the same results again.

So… All of those bodies that you see on More buzz > social highlights and hall of fame. Please understand that it’s achieved by becoming S-curvish.

Becoming S-curvish is the process that you are watching live, everyday on this 6 week challenge/results phase.


Day 17 (23rd August)

Surprise again.

This time, she couldn’t workout at all.

The workouts that were done on Monday and Tuesday were so effective, that it forced her to skip her day 17 workout.

Success :).

That’s why I have always said, the S-curve workouts will make you get your 8 hours sleep a night. They will force you to sleep.

However… Do note that it’s only the first workouts of the week that should do that to you. We tend to slow it down towards the end of the week.

Anyway… I decided to put her on tailored daily exercises at home on this day. Strictly abs… Since that’s the major problem area.

So it’s a day off.

The next 2 days will be fun focused S-curve bodyweight circuits, which you have seen during the previous days on this challenge.

Results so far?

The obliques and upper abs are becoming even more defined. And the abs are shredding from top to bottom as predicted.

All of her friends and family are wondering what the hell she’s done in 16 days to look so different (I’ve told her to wait until week 6 before we take a new selfie/belfie).

She’s starting to see that her old jeans have started to fit again. So she is indeed highly motivated right now. She’s now asking what the future plans will be. Because now she can feel the value 100%.

Remember, she was an active member that fell off 2 years ago.

What’s different now?

Just a lot of tips and tricks that I’ve added to this results phase.

Now… Lower abs is a problem for everyone. So that’s the real challenge. But I have already planned for this. So keep watching as we shred the lower abs and muffin top… The S-curve way.


Day 18 (24th August)


She returned to the workout. And it was a ‘fun day’ workout.

You definitely need those at some point during your routine.

That’s one of the tricks I’ve added to help you stay on the fitwagon.

Because there will be days where you’ll feel like falling off, if you aren’t yet living S-curvishly.

And the boring, intense, yet very effective heavy S-curve workouts don’t help the situation either.

So… We have ‘fun workouts’ in place. Usually via S-curve bodyweight circuit variations.

I’ve also started to add supplements to her plan.

First… Because she’s now had first hand experience with the S-curve meal structure. The the habits are kicking in.

Second… Because she can now see the nutrient gaps that exist with certain foods/meals.

For the most part, we’re adding

> Whey
> Casein
> Fish oil

To the meals, to make up the required nutrients that are lacking.

Day 19 will be another fun workout to close the official workout week.

And the weekend will be similar to what we did 7 days ago, with a 3 day phase consisting of…

Nutrition focus
> Tailored daily exercises
> On-going coaching
> HIIT cardio/Sports and/or > Fun shenanigans

Day 19 (25th August)


Surprise again…

She stated that her boobs have started to shrink ‘slightly’. That’s not a bad thing. Because boobs are ‘fat’. So if you’re shredding fat, your boobs will be effected too.

But this is why we tailor plans, so that we can reduce the shrinkage early on.

What… You can do that?

Yup… We can.

Also… She used to have a ‘thing’ for red wine. I stated that she can have one glass, as a cheat snack requirement.

And guess what? It now tastes awful to her.

What’s happening there?

Your body will start to reject ‘junk’ once you start to eat cleaner.

Day 22 (August 28th)


Ok… We couldn’t hold back any longer.

It’s time for the day 21 progress pic!!!

Taken on Augusts 7th

photo 2

Taken on August 29th

photo 3
photo 1

So… As you can see.

Her stomach has shredded.

This is even noticeable with clothes on. And the fat that sits on her lower back has shredded, which has created the first phase of her S-curve.

Most of this happened by day 14. So her friends and family are not delusional. She has indeed changed. Physically and mentally. All by following the process of becoming S-curvish.

But… We still have a lot of work to do. Roll onto week 6!

Remember… You can start your > 6 week results phase here.
Day 23 (August 29th)
Day 26 (August 30th)
Day 28 (Sept 3rd)
Day 29 (4th Sept)
So… We kick started the Monday workout with an official Aphrodite butt building workout.


Because she said that Sundays workout was too easy. And… Because she’s going through the ‘grind stage’.

Which basically means she’s gotten used to her noticeable results and now wants more… Faster.

Enter ABB…

You can watch the video above to see what happened.

But from this day onwards, that’s the regime she’ll be put on.

We’ve also started to carb taper her dinner meals.

As you can see… It’s brutal, fun, intense, demanding, hands on, specific, targeted.

This is the only way to improve your physical and mental results in record time.

The results phase kicks you into gear so that the trend continues long into your lifestyle phase.

We have 2 more weeks to go until the 6 weeks are over. A new selfie will come. And then, we continue to work her plan for the foreseeable future.

Which looks like this…

Day 1 – 14 = Initial noticeable results
Day 15 – 45 = Phase 1 of your goal S-curve body (60% success) 
3 – 6 months = Phase 2 of your goal S-curve body (70-80% success) 
6 -18 months = Phase 3 of your goal S-curve body (90-100% success)

1 – 5 years of living the lifestyle

Day 30 – 5th Sept

Day 31 – 6th Sept

Day 36 – 11th September
Day 38 – 13th September