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November 11th 2016

As stated in the video… The video above is your tailored daily exercises video. These are exercises that I have chosen for you, based on everything that’s going on with you right now.

– More butt growth

– Smaller thighs

– Target abs

You’ll do that video every night (At home is best), since your main workouts are done in the morning.

Now let’s get into your workout regime…

Your workouts

If any problems do come up with any exercises here, we’ll deal with them as they come. Because there may be exercises that don’t work well with your body structure. That’s why this is a live update page.

We’re going to start with an S-curve bodyweight circuit.

>> The official S-curve bodyweight circuit <<

These routines last 4-6 weeks. We usually change the routine every 4-6 weeks to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change. That’s one part of the S-curve formula that speeds up results.

Your body should shred, without shrinking your butt, by doing a routine like this. ‘Cardio’, especially slow-go cardio shrinks your butt and isn’t much of a results booster.

So we won’t be doing any of that.

And remember… You’ll be going to the gym to do these workouts. Following the videos from a tablet device is the norm. You only need to watch each video once (They’re 2-5 minutes long). After that, you’ll repeat the routine over. You’ll take a 3-4 minute break between each circuit.

We’ll see how many circuits you can get through on your first workout.

Your nutrition

Your S-curve meal structure is slightly different, since you’ll be working out in the mornings.

Breakfast (Early morning/Pre workout)

Carbs (Fast digesting) = Fruit
Protein (Fast digesting) = Whey protein

Post workout

Carbs (Fast digesting) = Fruit
Protein (Fast digesting) = Whey protein

Breakfast ‘meal’ (Approx 1-2 hours later)

Carbs (Fast & slow digesting) = Granola/Apple
Protein (Fast & slow digesting) = Egg white
Fats (Mono/poly-saturated) = Yolk from eggs


Protein (Slow digesting) = Salmon
Fat (Mono/poly-saturated) = Avocados
Fibrous carbs = Asparagus
Slow carbs (Optional) = Brown bread


Protein (Slow digesting) = Chicken breast
Carbs (Slow digesting) = Brown rice
Fibrous carbs = Broccoli

Late night munchies

Any high protein/zero carb foods will do. Fish, turkey breast.

– We don’t focus on calories or grams at all at this stage. Simply eat until you feel content. Food types are more important. The workouts will govern how hungry you’ll get. Hence…

– No fruits at night

> Here’s some S-curve meal to play around with <

One thing you can do right now, is to send me the list of foods you have, from those meals that you have. I’ll then put them into your S-curve meal structure above.

The goal, is to get you used to the S-curve meal structure. It’s all about using those meals to create ideas for your own meals. We’ll dig deeper into the ‘food’ a little later on.

Future updates will appear below.