Lisa tailored plan July 2015

Hi Lisa

Your journey so far…

You did indeed shred… The way that shredding usually happens. Just take a look at your first 3 selfies in the hall of fame.

Our chat earlier in the week revealed that your current issue is regarding ‘fat’ and how you’re consuming it.

We’ll cover that shortly.


Your workouts

The goal is to boost a rapid shred, before we even thing about ‘growing’ body parts (Namely your butt).

The routine that will help us get there is the new

Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight Circuit

This is similar to the Reshape Challenge. The difference here is that the routine targets your butt, abs and back exclusively. It’s also structured so that you can do more rounds of the routine. I explain and demonstrate this throughout each of the videos.

The rules are on the page above.


Your tailored daily exercises

– Push up position knee/elbow
– All leg raises
– Push up position mountain climbers
– Knee/elbow reverse lunge

As usual… Via the video above. Again, early in the morning or before you go to sleep. Do one or two sets and choose 2 or 3 exercises.

These exercises are specifically chosen to hit your current problem area. Your back and stomach area.


Your nutrition plan

#1 NO HIGH FAT FOODS AFTER 7.00PM!! (Breakfast and lunch only).

That rule WILL NOT change for now.

#2 Eat slightly less than you’re used to eating. But don’t go hungry.

#3 We’re going to carb and calorie taper. That’s no heavy carbs after 7.00pm (Half carbs if you workout in the evening). And eat most of your calories/large meals in the first half of the day.

#4 As usual, the S-curve meal structure via the simple S-curve meals.

Follow everything here ‘exact’. The shred will and must happen, because we’re going to focus on shaping your S-curve next month!

I’ll see you on FB messenger.