Your month #2 plan

We’re switching to a high frequency training regime this month. I explain why in the video above.

#1 Aphrodite Butt Building for your lower body workouts

Aphrodite Butt Building

#2 Venus upper body workouts


Mon – ABB
Tues – Venus upper body
Weds – ABB

Your nutrition plan

Calorie and carb tapering…

You’ll be doing both.

Week 1 = Zero carbs at dinner
Week 2 = Half carbs at dinner
Week 3 = Zero carbs at dinner
Week 4 = Half carbs at dinner

Calorie tapering means you’ll be eating most of your calories in the first half of the day. This can be altered if you’re doing evening workouts. Because you need to ‘eat’ pre/post workout.

Vary your meals

Check the new simple S-curve meals to see food/meal variations that you can try.

You do this because it’s rare to obtain all necessary nutrients from just a few food sources.

New daily exercises

More reps/sets overall to tie in with your high frequency training.

Upper butt/butt

– Quadruped high tension
– Hyper extended lunge
– Donkey kick back

– Super rep single dead/squat


– Wood choppers
– Spider crawl push up
– Running on the slit

Your weights won’t increase this month, since we’re focusing on shredding by pushing your muscles with high reps/sets.