Lisa month #1


Your plan for month #1 (Foundation month)

Hi Lisa

This a a short break down of everything that’s explained in the video above.

Your workouts

– The Venus program

This will be your 3 workouts a week regime for this month.

Daily exercises

The following have been chosen for you, based on the answers you gave to the questions at the start of the program.

All of these reduce the use of your knees and upper back.

Upper butt/butt

– Quadruped hip extension/Raised foot variation
– The clam
– Floor abduction
– Hyper extended standing hip extension
– Super rep laying leg curls

Zero muffin top/Abs/waist

– A bicycles exercise variation
– All leg raise angles


Perform your HIIT workouts on your non S-curve workout days.

The HIIT plan on your home page works well with most sports. The following are activities that the plan works well with…

– Cycling
– Boxing
– Muay Thai (For fitness)
– Swimming
– Sprinting

Your nutrition plan

– Follow the S-curve meal structure
– Use the simple meals doc on your homepage tab above for ideas on what foods to eat… For variations sake.

– Do all of the above without fail

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