S-curve Challenge Member Linda Tailored Video Series

Your month #1 plan


The Venus workouts

These are split routines that effectively wack your muscles for a better result. Each workout is ab focused too.

Your tailored nutrition plan

The main thing to do is just ‘eat’…For now. Don’t worry about the calorie in take just yet.

Just focus on the foods/meals.

Also… You’ll need to tell me the foods that you actually eat on a regular basis, so that I can place them into the S-curve meal structure.


Home equipment needed

– Ankle weights (Maybe 2 sets)
– Resistance bands
– A barbell
– Dumbbells (Are great, but they can be optional)

Daily exercises include

– Bicycles variation
– Abduction
– Clam
– Leg lifts


What we do in month #2 will depend on happens in month #1.

And don’t forget to selfie yourself again on 22nd January.