Kristin Tailored Plan June 2015

Hi Kristin

This is your foundation month. Everything you do in this month will set you up properly for the almighty long term results.

Your goal is to shrink your waist to ‘reveal’ more/grow your butt.

So let’s make that happen.


Your workouts

The Venus Workouts

This a 4 week intermediate/advanced regime that effectively/efficiently wacks your butt

Hit the link above for the full details.

Your tailored daily exercises

These have been chosen based on your goal/current problem areas.

These are exercises that you’ll everyday. Even on your official workout days.

– Hardest bicycles variation
– Leg raises all angles
– Feet to side
– Clam
– Super rep squat

All are demonstrated in the video above


Your nutrition plan

– Nuts (Look those that are high in mono/poly saturate)
– Berries
– A whey shake
– Tupperware/Ziplock backs

That’s all of the ‘effective’ ammunition that you’ll need for daytime snacks. I’ll go over this during our FB messenger coaching/chat sessions.

For now, you just need to follow the S-curve meal structure via the meal plans below.

Your simple meals (For variety)

Food/meal variety is the name of the game when it comes nutrition. So you’ll be making use of all the meal plans you see there, over time.

Don’t worry about grams/calories just yet. Focus on the meal structure and eating until you feel content. The workouts will determine what your total daily intake will be.



HIIT… Once a week, using the plan below.

Your HIIT plan #1

This works well with swimming, cycling, boxing, sprinting, badminton.

I’ll see you back on FB messenger.