Bodyweight exercise & Diet Plan #4 - "K.I.S.S Calories"

Follow the process in order of how you read it here…


Some people try so hard to eat “clean” that they develop an overpowering taste for sweets and fast food that they just eventually lose it and go all out. 

This is why you binge… This is why you binge! 

Everything in moderation Fitbuggers!

Calculating calories

•    26 to 30 kcals/kg/day for normal, healthy individuals with sedentary lifestyles doing little physical activity [12.0-14 kcal/pound]
•    31 to 37 kcal/kg/day for those involved in light to moderate activity 3-5 x a week with moderately active lifestyles [14-16 kcal/ pound]
•    38 to 40 kcals/kg/day for those involved in vigorous activity and highly active jobs [16-18 kcal/ pound].
•    For those involved in HEAVY training (eg: athletes) – the demand is even greater:
•    41 to 50 kcals/kg/day for those involved in moderate to heavy training (for example: 15-20 hrs/ week training) [18.5-22 kcal/ pound]
•    50 or above kcals/kg/day for those involved in heavy to extreme training [> 22 kcal/ pound]


Protein intake

General ‘bodybuilding’ guidelines would be based as follows:
•    If bodyfat UNKNOWN but AVERAGE = 1-1.25g per pound of bodyweight
•    If bodyfat KNOWN = 1.25-1.5g per LEAN pound of weight

Fats intake

General guides:
•    Average or lean: 1 – 2g fat/ kg body weight [between 0.45 – 1g total weight/ pounds]
•    High bodyfat: 1-2g fat/ LEAN weight [between 0.45 – 1g LEAN weight/ pounds]
•    IF low calorie dieting – you can decrease further, but as a minimum, I would not suggest LESS than about 0.35g/ pound.
Note: Total fat intake is NOT the same as ‘essential fats’ (essential fats are specific TYPES of fats that are INCLUDED in your total fat intake)…

Carbs intake

If you are very active in fitness  – I would actually suggest you CALCULATE a requirement for these:
•    Moderately active: 4.5 – 6.5 g/ kg (about 2 – 3g/ pound)
•    Highly active: 6.5 – 9 g/ kg (about 3 – 4g/ pound)
But for most people, to calculate your carbs you just calculate it from the calories left over from fats/ protein:
1.    Carb calories = Total calorie needs – ([protein grams as above x 4] + [fat grams as above x 9])]
2.    Carbs in grams = above total/ 4

That’s it. Just K.I.S.S. Losing fat, getting lean, building muscle. The process is simple. Tweak and test the variables based on your lifestyle and maintain those variables.

We always get asked about fat loss supplements. But to be honest, most supplements for fat loss SUCK! Seriously, they do. Because it’s like telling people to take pills to lose fat. Which is all B.S… Motivation, busting ass and living what we do as a lifestyle is how you lose fat. However, will some supplements make it easier? Yes. Do you need them to hit your goal? Again… Absolutely not!

And here’s a supplement that Fitbuggers come back to tell us about that makes the process ‘easier’.

Explained as to why it works so well…  <—


This is from a recent discussion over on the fan page. I thought it maybe of use to you on this page.

The conversation (On the fan page)


The supplement <=== Check it out here



To finish off, here’s a post we done a while back regarding the myths about being able to spot reduce fat loss. In general, you can’t. However, you can
somewhat gauge what order you will lose fat around your body…

The order of fat loss <—

Are there any diet programs you can use if you want to follow something that’s structured over several weeks?

Of course there are, and you know there are. However, just like I mentioned in bonus video #3, this is the program that Fitbuggers seemed to be most pleased with ==> The Diet Solution. Or if you like, you can check out other Fitbuggers ‘continuous’ progress —> HERE (Also, feel free to submit your own progress pictures once you become a’Fitbugger’)

Now for some motivation…


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  • Augustine Klemp on April 2, 2012

    Toni,You hit a lot of good points. Sugar can be pretty brutal to our bodies, especially for people who want to get really lean. The benefits like better sleep and improved concentration and energy would lead to a higher fitness level by themselves. For general weight loss, I think 3-4 hours of exercise and a good clean diet go a long way. This is basically what I outline in Fitness in a Flash. However, it helps to ramp up the intensity and really focus on a strict diet to take things to the next level or speed up results.Dave

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