Bodyweight exercise & Diet Plan #3 - "The K.I.S.S approach"

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Ok, in regards to diet and weight loss, it really doesn’t have to be complicated. Yes, a ‘good’ diet plan will have all the bells and whistles that make it ‘good’. But your daily approach and mindset towards achieving your fitness and dieting goals can be as simple as this…




Oh, and…

#6 Eat lots of green vegetables
Which are relatively cheap too, and eating them along side yams or potatoes (Ideal as a post workout food source) is a good way to eat them on the fly. Because eating them as a stand alone meal WILL bore you. Which is something that the Stayfitbug approach to living the fitness lifestyle strongly tries to avoid. Green vegetables hardly contain any calories (they have a low calorie density), so you can literally munch on as many green vegetables as you like, knowing that your abs and the rest of your body is getting a thumbs up with each bite that you take.

And that’s it. In simple terms…

I guess you could just treat each of those as head bullet points and then drill in further based on the ‘good’ diet plan. The key take away is that the concept of diet and weight loss is simple. So keep it just that. Simple.

Some Fitbuggers such as Meni Fotara (Pictured below) have taken it one step further with this —> Diet Plan


She’s still a fan over on Fit Bug America, so I’m sure she won’t be afraid to tell you hows she’s doing with it. Just write on our wall and we’ll join her in the conversation, and you can chat away :). Or if you like, you can check out other Fitbuggers ‘continuous’ progress —> HERE (Also, feel free to submit your own progress pictures once you become a’Fitbugger’)

And now for some motivation (That’s Ouuuur game) 😀



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(A DETAILED explanation on how you can work out your calorie intake)








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