OSC Member Jessica Tailored Video Series


Hi Jessica

Your tailored nutrition plan <

The goal… To simply get you off to a flying start and ‘into the groove’.

1) Venus workouts <

This is a good regime to start in, based on your stats/goals. Just focus on light

weights and executing the exercises properly, since you’re a beginner with weight training.

2) The Venus lower fat meals

On average, your current meals probably send your total daily fat in take to over 100 grams.

Your tailored daily fat in take is approximately 30-40 grams. So that’s 2-3 times more than

what you need.

Take a look at the Venus meals/foods.

You don’t need to eat those meals every time. But a good thing to do is to look for foods that are lower in fat…

The foods that you already buy (Rice, wheat, oats, grains, meat), just variations of those foods that are lower in fat.

You’ll see many examples in the Venus meals.

That’s your focus every time you eat a meal. At least for this month.

What to do about your tailored nutrition plan meals?

You’ll still focus on that meal structure. But you will keep the intake of high foods, low… At least for the first month.

Your tailored calorie intake… Just focus on eating via the meal structure.

3) Calorie tapering

This simply means you’ll eat large at breakfast, then gradually smaller meals throughout the day.

Exercises to do… Do one of these everyday whether you workout or not… on the day.

– Bicycle + hold + stretch + ankle ankle weights

– Running on the spot till failure

– Single arm ski swings

– Overhead tricep extensions

We’ll know what to do next in 4 weeks.