Jessica July Plan 2015

Hi Jessica

This is your foundation month… Your first official month.

Everything we do here will set you up for future months. These will open up as new tabs above the video you see on this page.

This… Is your ‘home’ for all things ‘S-curve’.

Let’s go….


Your workouts

The Venus Workouts

This routine effectively targets your abs and butt via structured weight training.

Your tailored daily exercises

– Push up > burpee > pull up/jump
– Bicycles exercise variation
– Clam
– Single leg super rep squat

Watch the video above for a demonstration/explanation.



Your HIIT plan #1


Your nutrition plan

Those questions I sent you… They help to create your tailored nutrition plan.

However, you won’t need that yet. But you will by September, which I’ll share with you then.

Right now, you just need to focus on the S-curve simple meals, while at the same time, varying your meal types.

Your simple meals (For variety)

No gram/calorie counting. Just eat until you feel content.


Carb tapered dinners

You’re going to cut out potatoes, rice, pasta and yams in your dinner meals for this month.

If you workout in the evening?

Simply eat half of what you’d usually eat. Because you always near heavy carbs after an S-curve workout.


The S-curve meal structure

Follow this exact… It’s designed to effectively feed your muscles while avoiding and unwanted build up of fat.

Get on a chat app if you can. If not, I’ll see you in the email replies.