Jaylan's April 2015 plan

Hi Jaylan

Your April 2015 tailored plan

Equipment needed

– Ankle weights
– A barbell
– Dumbbell (Go for iron bars and weight plates)
– Resistance bands

Your workouts

The first official S-curve workout routine

The first official S-curve routine

The rules are on the page above. We’ll change routines if it’s not challenging enough.

Tailored daily exercises

– Bicycles (+ Ankle weights)
– Abduction (+ Dumbbell)
– Clam (+ Dumbbell)
– Single leg squat (+ Dumbbell/Barbell)
– Push up > burpee > pull up (+ Chin up bar)

You only need to do ONE of those exercises a day. First thing in the morning or before bed works well.

Your nutrition plan

Simply follow the meals below

Your simple meals (For variety)

The tailored nutrition plan will guide you regarded everything else.

Your tailored nutrition plan

Just jump onto FB messenger whenever you have questions.

You’re going to half taper your carbs (Rice, potatoes, pasta) because you’ll workout in the evening. So you’ll need some carbs for dinner. Just try to make sure that you don’t eat any heavy carbs 3-4 hours before you sleep.