Jaime June 2015 Plan

Hi Jaime

The story so far…

You’ve struggled to see noticeable change in your desired areas.

What I can tell you, is that this is all science. Which means you just gotta do the right things, consistently.

The following acts as your foundation month. Everything we do here will set you up for future months.

Let’s go…

Your workouts

You’re an intermediate trainee that needs to fix your abs/butt.

The Venus Workouts

Is the best regime for that, for this first month.

The routine usually changes every 4 weeks.

Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you do every day wether you workout or not… Usually first thing in the morning or before you go to bed.

These exercises are chosen based on your current goal.

#1 You do them to speed up results.

#2 You do them during the times you can’t do your official workouts due to ‘busyness’.

You currently have a problem in your abdominal area. So make sure you stop doing any exercise that causes discomfort.

Legs (Every other day)

– Good morning

Abs (Choose one)

– Bicycles

– Leg raises

Butt (Choose 3)

– Clam

– Abduction

– Leg lifts

– High tension quadruped


One or two HIIT cardio sessions a week using the plan below…

Your HIIT plan #1

Swimming, boxing, sprinting, badminton, cycling all work well for HIIT.

Your nutrition plan

#1 Simply stick to the S-curve meal structure (This changes slightly since you workout in the morning).

Your simple meals (For variety)

You workout in the very early morning (6.00-7.00 am)

– The night before… Eat a light ‘good fat’ snack like fish/fish oil
supplement (slows digestion) and a slow digesting protein like Casein
(Helps to protect your ‘naturally occurring’ catabolic muscles from wasting
away during your sleep).

– Wake up and drink whey for protein and fruit for carbs (Zero fats).

– Do the same post workout (Right after).

– Eat your S-curve breakfast as usual (Good fats/Heavy carbs/Heavy

– Continue the day as usual.

#2 No heavy carbs in your dinner meals for this month (Rice, potatoes, pasta).

We’ll continue over on FB messenger. I’ll see you there.