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It's That Time Again


Hi FitBuzzers


You know, some would say that this email isn’t even

needed, considering that I speak with so many of you

every other day. But somethings need to be said and

written in stone. And a BIG thank you is one of them.

I honestly feel like I know many of you. Or at least the

best part of you ūüôā (Other than your love for fitness).


Anyway Fit Buzz love, and thank you for being a



  • Kerry McJunkin
  • Nicole Lasasso
  • Michael Gutierrez
  • Elmou Cepic
  • Erum Syyed
  • Charmaine Ramel
  • Kara Heiser
  • Susan Hunt
  • Ale Rodrigeuz
  • Zorica Nalbantjan
  • Andra Pacincu
  • Bella Renteria
  • Ruslana Manajenkowa
  • Sudipto Gosh
  • Soraya Wasenius
  • Annie Di Marco
  • Steph Froll
  • Larissa Aguayo
  • Kimberly Boland
  • Natasja Morgan-Odell
  • Daiana Nicoara
  • Ome Lopez
  • Bizzy Swisher
  • Shivani Kapoor
  • Becky Hills
  • Drew Dawson
  • Ana Baez
  • Genna Fox
  • Karli Morgan
  • Carina Ccurbo


Just to name a few!


And all of those on the programs.


Let’s make October ROCK!!


P.S.¬†Congratulations to Erum Syyed who sent in this email this morning….


CLICK HERE ==> Erum’s progress




The Fit Buzz programs to help you get strong, lean and sexy:

#1 No Nonsense Butt Building

#2 Meal plans and workouts for abs

#3 Fit Buzz Pull ups program

#4 Budget Foods for Abs

#5 Unique Bodyweight Exercises

#6 Guide To Necessary Supplementation