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Hello all Fitbuzzers

Shaun Sinclair of here.

Now, I think it’s fair to say that FBA is fun, we had to change the name from ‘Bug’ to ‘Buzz’. Nevertheless, we’re still FBA. And in short, FBA is progression, inspiration and motivation and we know you love the fitness info too. 🙂

Now, we have all pretty much made FBA what it is in the past several months. And we want to give your year a mighty kick start by creating something that will truly help you..

In recent months we created the Fitbuzzer requested ebook Budget foods for abs and the StayFitBuzz America fan page inspired website.


A few weeks ago we put out a survey. The bulk of the options that were chosen were centered around fat loss and building a six pack. That still may be the case (Is that still the case?). But if there was one problem that you wanted us to solve to help you in 2012, what would that be?

Basically, what is the one thing that enters your mind when you look in the mirror, when you wake up, before you start your work.

You know… when you say to yourself ‘I wish…’ <— Fill in the blank

Just leave your notes and messages in the comments section below. Whatever you decide, we’ll build it together, the same way we made FBA happen together. Below we have 3 options. You can choose what you think is the worth of a solution, that we will build together, which will truly solve your problems and help you achieve your fitness goals. However much you think that problem is worth solving to you, just choose from the 3 options. And from there we’ll go above and beyond and start working to create the best solution for that problem.

What’s it worth to you?





Just leave a short note on the final screen stating what you mentioned in the comments. We’ll analyze everything (notes, comments, emails, feedback). All in order to go above and beyond to create something great, just for Fitbuzzers.

The various ways to contact us

  • This page (We’ll always respond to every comment where a question is asked)
  • [email protected]
  • Skype (text chat or phone call. Just add chamileon857)

We’ll keep this page up and you can access it via the side bar on at any time. We’ll also use this as an update page to monitor our progress.


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You can leave all your comments below. We'll be noting EVERY response and will answer EVERY question asked!

2 Responses to “It’s all about YOU”

  • GRACE on February 1, 2012

    I wish I was as fit and lean as all the models I see on FitBuzz!!!!
    I wish I had more energy…

    • admin on February 1, 2012

      You will now have the energy now that you’re a Fitbuzzer

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