Iris Tailored Plan July 2015

Lower body days


Upper body days

– Front lats
– Wide lats
– Push up variation
– Over head press/Pull up
– Tricep extension

Hi Iris

To date… We now know what S-curvish results look like on YOU now.

So it’s time to get back on track and create again.


Your workouts

This month is a little different, since we’re going to be lifting heavy and doing circuit routines in the same month.


The upper/lower body videos above

You’ll be alternating both of those videos for your heavy lifting workouts.

Both target exactly what you want to hit this month.

3 workouts a week…


The Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight circuit acts as your tailored daily exercise or cardio for this month. Simply do them on the days that you’re not doing the upper/lower body workouts above

Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight circuit

Your nutrition plan

It’s time to start using your tailored nutrition plan doc again, because this month… We’re going precise.

Your tailored nutrition plan

Simply follow the food label/calorie/gram rules that you see throughout the doc.

Just message me on FB messenger if you ever get stuck.

Rules for this month =

> Eat slightly less total daily calories (Around 200… Which is just less food with each meal)

> Carb tapered dinners (Half carbs if you workout in the evening)

> Calorie tapered days (Most of your calories to be eaten in the first half if the day)

> The low fat Venus meals

Venus low fat food

It’s goooo tyme…