Iris Plan June 2015

Hi Iris

Your workouts

The Epic butt/Tiny waist Bodyweight Circuit

I’m putting you on the Epic butt/tiny waist bodyweight circuit routine.

Just make sure you have ankle weights and resistance bands.

You’ll see new workouts added everyday. There’ll be 12-15 workouts by the end of it.

Your tailored daily exercises

One set of any RSC workout (Approx 5-7 exercises), without any added weight.

That’s what you’ll do once a day.

Your nutrition plan

– Venus super low fat meals

Super low fat/High protein-carb meals

Day 1 (Click to download)

Day 2 (Click to download)

Day 3 (Click to download)

 Day 4 (Click to download)

Day 5 (Click to download)

– Increased total intake (Eat more)
– Carb tapered dinners for weeks 3 & 4 (This may change)


No extra cardio needed. But if you do, then one 30 minute HIIT session (Sport) a week.