Iris month #4

Hello Iris

Here we are again. Let’s go…

Your workout regime

The epic butt/Tiny waist workouts

The link is over on the homepage tab above.

As a reminder… We switch up
Your routine to out pace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

New daily exercises (Demonstrated in the video above)

– Heavy clam
– Super rep single leg squat

– Bicep curls 21s rep range
– Tricep extensions to forehead (Laying or standing) + Drop sets = Heavy > light to failure
– Standing shoulder press

– Bicycles (Challenging variation) + ankle weights
– Mountain climbers (Till failure)

That’s 7 exercises… Which means you can do all of then in one week, every week for this month.

You’ll receive a new tailored video every 1-2 weeks to help keep you on track.


There’s a new simple meals nutrition doc to follow on the home page tab above.

You don’t have to follow every meal plan. But one thing you do have to do, is vary your meals/food types every other week. That doc will help you with that.

You’ll also be carb tapering your dinners for this month.

That means no rice, potatoes, pasta or yams 3-4 hours before you sleep.