OSC Member Iris Tailored Video Series

Ok… So for the first month, you got to experience a full S-curve regime. Now you ‘know’ :).

You stated that you’re repeating it with heavier weights. That’s a good thing to do.

You can carry on, or you can switch to the ABB regime < (There’ll be 10-15 workouts up by the time you start). Warning… It’s challenging.


Your problem area is your stomach. All should be ok for now in regards to the workouts. But for nutrition, we’re gonna change a few things.

For the first few weeks (The rest of this month)

We’re going to…

1) Eat most of your daily calorie intake in the first half of the day and less (Gradually smaller meals) until the end of the day. Also known as calorie tapering.

2) Were also going to eat ‘zero’ heavy carbs 3-4 hours before you sleep. It doesn’t matter when you sleep… You just won’t eat any heavy carbs before you sleep (Rice, potatoes, pasta). Just… None!

That’s known as carb tapering. So you’ll be eating most of your carb calories at breakfast and lunch. But always after a workout, because your body needs heavy carbs post workout.

For December…

We’ll be doing the OSC ‘zig zag’. In short… This should aid a shred.

But for now, we’ll focus on the plan above.