Iris August Plan 2015

Hi Iris

We’re going to keep your plan pretty simple this month.


Your workouts

Here’s the page for round two…

Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight circuit #2


Your nutrition plan

We’re going to do a ‘prevent lean body mass loss’ zig zag this month.

We can get into the calorie counting again, if you’re ready to do so.

If not… Just do this…

Low calorie days = Drop daily intake by 500 calories for 3 days (Which is about two medium sized meals).

High calorie days = increase daily intake by 150 calories above what you usually eat in a day (Approx one small meal) for 3 days.

Repeat for the entire month.

This is based on your new ‘back in business’ results.
I’ll see you over on FB messenger.