Introducing - The S-curve Interval Phase

Aka a Results Phase to be done, just once every 3-4months

Enter: Your problem

You know… We started off in ‘fitness’. But over time… We naturally became, what all of our interest are. Me, you and all the others here that exist in the chats, comments, results pages…

Which meant that we naturally expanded into other areas…

– Bikini/OOTD/OOTN attire
– Travel shenanigans
– Food shenanigans via chefs/restaurants, that coincide with S-curve world antics

That is what the S-curve experience is.

It’s stuff that you enjoy to do, outside of the ‘fitness’ stuff.

And before… When it was all fitness focused (Circa 2009-13). We wouldn’t usually talk about anything else ‘but’. Since we were known for just fitness.


Everyone wants to look great. But being time, energy or motivation strapped… Is what is holding folks back.

We are the soliton for that. Although it may take you months before you realise that. As a new follower.

I know this to be absolutely true. Due to the sheer amount of people I see come through from ‘everywhere’. Especially since I’ve ramping up our global exposure.


For those who fit that description above. You’re likely going to be a grown a55 adult. With adult responsibilities.

So your problem, is still going to exist somewhat. Even after the fix that I’m going to explain to you shortly.

And yesterday… I stated that there are different ways to approach the S-curve formula. Even though formula  itself will stay the same (Because it’s what works).

And one way to solve your problem above. Is by…

**Doing a 4-6 week Results Phase, every 3-4 months. Over a 1-5 year time period!**

That is… 4-6 weeks of…

– High intensity S-curve weightlifting workouts or bodyweight circuits 

– Nothing skipped and everything done perfectly (No half or skipped reps)

– Eat perfect-curvishly everyday

– $300 every time you do an S-curve interval phase

This way… You’ll continue to see your physique improve. Unlike the stubborn folks that I see, who look the same year in, year out. Even though they are active daily.


– This makes you look forward to it. 

– It means you can still have a life. And embrace the rest of the S-curve experience. Like my faves… @ Eating out at roof top bars/restaurants and TC2.0 trips.

– Because it is only 4-6 weeks. It means that you won’t have ‘intense’ (Results focused) fitness activity on your mind at all times. Only during this time period.

The S-curve interval phase… 

I’m calling it this. And making it a real thing (I haven’t done that in about 2 years). Due to all the chats that you’ve seen me have, with the everyday people I talk with, every other day.

This is the solution they need. And if any of the above sounds anything like your own life right now. Then it’s the solution that you need to.

Note: I split the payments in half. One to be manually done on day 1. And the other as an auto-payment on day 44 (End of week 6).