Introducing The Fit Buzz Butt Activator


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Your butt just got better: Introducing The Fit Buzz Butt Activator 

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No Nonsense Butt Building is just that. No Nonsense, as it focuses on

aspects of butt building that will give you the best bang for your buck

(Your effort… without wasting unnecessary energy).

The majority of your glute activation will be a direct result of the exercises

that you perform in your resistance training workouts.

But here’s one thing that most people don’t realize about building a great


It’s that you need to focus on increasing your hip flexor flexibility as this 

allows for hip hyper extension which will lead to maximum butt muscle 


The core of No Nonsense Butt building consists of exercises that will give

you the best results for your effort, which include…

Variations of: The squat, deadlift and lunge (There are now others,

especially now that it’s Operation S-Curve. But these are the main exercises.

All of which work up to 60% of your butt muscles.

However, building muscle or changing the way your body looks is more about

the mind to muscle relationship. Which basically means how well you can

activate your central nervous system.

This is why you’ll often hear me say…

”It’s more than just the butt”

”It’s more than just the squat”

Especially the squat. Yes, the squat on it’s own can do wonders for your butt.

However, the squat on it’s own will do more for your quads than it will your


That’s why the 2nd phase of the program focuses on exercises that are

variations of the squat, deadlift and lunge in order to shift the load to your butt.

Butt (Pun intended) guess what?

Those are still not the best exercises that will activate your butt and make it


They’re not?


Your butt will contract harder during bodyweight exercises than it will via

the exercises listed above (The strong and lean part of the process).

But the main reason why they’re not is because your glutes are activated to

the MAX via bent leg hip hyperextension exercises.

This is one reason why I have you start the program with bodyweight

exercises first, in order to see how your body responds.(The response to certain

exercises is different for everyone). In fact, there was a major response with

Robin Meza and model Genna Fox. Their lower bodies (back) actually

exploded within weeks of starting the program.

That’s a bonus if that happens to you. And if it does, you simply switch to the

get it firm program. @DONE-FOR-YOU.

The best exercises for activating glutes? The Fit Buzz Butt Activator 

The following is a shortened version of the full version from the new program


The goal: To fully activate your glutes by increasing hip flexor flexibility and to 

build a ‘strong’ and bigger butt more effectively.

You will still perform all exercises and workouts from the main program, which

is a structured series of squat, deadlift and lunge exercise variations. Because

these exercises do still work your butt.

The goal is to work your butt to the full with both, the NNBB program and the

Fit Buzz butt activator program to build you your BEST butt.

The Fit Buzz Butt Activator (Short version) Click to download

Instant action tip: Add the exercises of this doc as assistant exercises to the

carb cycle training doc from yesterday (The muscle building phase).


  • Hip thrust (heavy) 4 sets/5reps
  • Glute bridge (heavy) 2 sets/10-20 reps



The Fit Buzz Butt activator program may just be the ideal ‘fix’ for you if you are a

heavy (200lb +) individual. As that weight will be very beneficial to you where

bodyweight only exercises are concerned.

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