If There Was A Magic Wand


Happy Labor day weekend for All US based FitBuzzers.




Congratulations to all new No Nonsense Butt Building

program users.


– Published model Genna Fox (Glamor models turning

to strong, lean and sexy seems like a new trend… seriously)

– Michael Gutierrez (See, guys do work their legs)

– Robyn Meza

– Ciara Hunt

– Megan Petit… And others….


Because it’s all about taking massive action. And that’s with

anything you want to achieve. These individuals have either

gone out of their way to personally message me about taking

the next step. Or have consistently been taking part and been

involved in all things Fit Buzz, even after they received the

program. Which is great. Because unfortunately 90% of people

don’t. Which is kind of why Fit Buzz exists. To reduce that

number, because it’s way too high.




The magic wand.


Yesterday, I asked Facebook Fit Buzz fans…


If you had a magic wand that could magically fix your current 

problem(s) in fitness, what would that be?


So I thought I’d ask you too.


Simply reply to this email or you can reply in that same Facebook

comment… here.


Maybe magic does exist after all 😀





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