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I need... I want... How can I?


First things first FitBuzzers…..

Pinch, punch, first of the month!!! ūüôā

OK, seriously, if you use Instagram or Facebook, make sure

you follow, as there’s a lot of fun to be had there (See end

of email).

I need… I want… How can I?

Do those phrases look familiar? Of course they do. It’s part

of the reason why you even see these emails. Because you

need, want or want to find out how to fix one aspect of your

body or fitness lifestyle.

You all know that the next upgrade to the No Nonsense

Butt Building program will place a strong focus on split style


And I decided to make this the next step due to the type of

questions FitBuzzers/ program users were asking. Like today,

FitBuzzer Teneil Louise¬†<< (Pic)¬†from Australia asked…

”How can I target the inside of my legs? I also want more

separation with the muscles in my legs. HELP…”

As I’ve mentioned before, you have to step things up a level

once you achieve that newbie Fit Buzz body, because the

training methods you used in the beginning just won’t be

as effective any more.

Teneill will get there by focusing on advanced style workouts

(see the email archives), and by implementing a few of the

training methods that will be included in that upgrade. Methods

that have the ability to really make a difference in your results

when you perform your exercises, reps and sets.

The flush training method

The goal?

– To increase muscle separation

What to do?

Simply hold a light weight steady for 10 seconds (Or as long as

you can) at the end of an exercise on which ever exercise you

are performing.

This can be anything from:

РHanging from a chin up bar after chin ups

– Holding your hands on your chest at the top of the cable

crossover exercise

– Holding a barbell steady at certain points of a bicep curl

– Holding your legs up for as long as you can at the

top of a leg extension exercise (Remember, ‘after’ your main

sets are done…)

A similar thing you can do to recruit more muscle fibers would

be to pause twice for a few seconds during an exercise such

as calf raises. Do that for each rep for some serious calf


There are many more, all of which I couldn’t possibly list here.

Hard butt… No, HARDER butt training method

Strength/Power   1 Р5 reps  (5-6 sets)

That’s the general training principle when training for a hard

butt (The strength, tension, tone that I speak of in the video).

But that may not be enough for you, the advanced FitBuzzer.

You know that split routines focus on shorter and more

targeted workouts right? Well, one extra thing you can add

to that is by implementing multi-exercises for each set, instead

of performing just the one. So for example, you may be targeting

the biceps on that said workout. Instead of just barbell curls,

your 5-6 sets could look like…

Set 1: Barbell curls

Set 2: Cable curls

Set 3: Dumbbell curls

Set 4: Incline curls

Set 5: Chin ups

Doing so will ensure that you attack every possible angle

for maximum results.

(This will help with the goal to kill flabby arms, which I know

is a concern for quite a few lady FitBuzzers)

These are just a few techniques that can be used to help you

get ‘specific’ results via your workouts. I mentioned ‘these’

methods, as that’s what I myself have focused on this year too.

Either way, this is something that you can add straight away.



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