Hi FitBuzzers
Today’s headline was a direct question that 
received yesterday from FitBuzzer Mela.
Mela is a tall girl. She’s not fat, or very slim
either. Yet, she isn’t very athletic. This is 
like many FitBuzzers to-be in fact.
Her goal?
1. Lose weight in thighs and stomach
2. Get lean and NOT muscular?
Well, in regards to losing weight. It’s not about 
losing weight at all. It’s about losing fat. Losing 
weight the way that most people think about losing 
weight (Eat less and starve) will eventually cause
you to gain fat over the long term (Read this to 
understand why).
The first thing you need to get right is your
nutrition. This is something that is fully covered 
in the meal plan program. But what you need to
do is eat your heavy carb meals in the morning,
none after noon and then only protein and fat
based meals for the rest of the day. Read this
chart to understand how much calories you will
need. It’s a very simple way to work how much you 
need to cut your total calorie in take by (Without 
cutting into lean muscle).
How to get lean but not muscular?
This is when you focus on strength training
followed by a few HIIT cardio workouts.
(This could be anything that requires you
to use quick bursts of energy, such as boxing).
The reason why you need to focus on strength 
training, is because you will want to build lean 
muscle. And you won’t want your cardio workouts
to compromise your strength training gains.
Strength training is…
– Heavy weight
– Lower reps
– Shorter workouts
That’s how you tone. You won’t become muscular
because muscle building is not an over night thing
and is a very hard thing to achieve for most people.
So if you want to get it firm, as I state in the No 
Nonsense Butt Building program, then that’s the
way to go about it.
Here is another video where I talk about some of 
these factors.

Yes, I know some of you might have seen that video 

already. If so, don’t worry. I’ll be creating more
(Shorter, better, more engaging) videos soon.
Now tone it up (@FitBuzzer toners :-))




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